Sitepackage for a Photo- or Travel-Blog

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TYPO3 sitepackage for a foto blog website

This is a TYPO3 sitepackage which preconfigures the blog extension and comes with some nice blog templates.

It's build upon a stack of a few TYPO3 extensions:

  1. bootstrap-package as the basic
  2. blog adds blog functionality
  3. skom-sitepackage optimizes the setup and adds new features
  4. fotoblog_sitepackage adds configuration and templates for the blog extension
  5. customer_sitepackage in this sitepackage you should configure your individual TYPO3-Website, for example the colors, logos, fonts etc.


Here you can find examples of websites, who use this extensions:


Developed 2020 by Sven Kalbhenn

If you have any questions about this project or just want to talk: Send me a message