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9.2.14 2021-04-09 08:05 UTC

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Basic TYPO3 sitepackage based on bootstrap_package

1. Features

  • Some additional configuration for bootstrap_package
  • Language menu in the navbar
  • Adds Klaro cookie banner
  • A lot of templates and configuration for tx_news:
    • List-View:
      • Image left
      • Image right
      • Image top
      • No Image
      • Card left
      • Card right
    • Detail-View:
      • Configuration for Lightbox Images
      • Galery left
      • Galery right
      • Galery bottom
      • Floating Galery left
      • Floating Galery right


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Code quality

  • Commit syntax is checked on each commit
  • Super Linter is executed on each commit

Developed 2020 by Sven Kalbhenn

If you have any questions about this project or just want to talk: Send me a message