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This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Useful handlers (Airbrake, PSR-3, etc) for the popular error handler filp/whoops

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Whoops extra

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Useful handlers (Airbrake, PSR-3, etc) for the popular error handler filp/whoops.


Via Composer

$ composer require skm/whoops-extra


Airbrake handler

This handler awaits an Airbrake\Notifier instance. Please see the official documentation to learn about it's configuration.

PSR-3 Log handler

This handler logs the exception message (together with the trace). If it receives an \ErrorException, the log level is automatically guessed from the severity of the error, otherwise it is critical.

Production handler

This handler is useful if you want to block the exception from reaching eg. the Pretty Page handler in production. Place it before the handlers you don't want Whoops to reach.


$ composer test


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