Tool to validate fluid components based on a specified ruleset

1.0.4 2023-06-08 10:58 UTC


CLI tool to validate your Fluid Components based on a specific ruleset for code quality.


  • check basic Fluid syntax
  • check correct component structure (e. g. correct nesting of component ViewHelpers)
  • enforce naming scheme and min/max length of parameter names
  • limit parameter count per component (which should lead to simpler components)
  • enforce parameter descriptions
  • enforce presence of markdown documentation and fixture files used by Fluid Styleguide
  • normalize syntax of namespaces in parameter type
  • encourage strict data types instead of generic array or object
  • suggest usage of correct types if parameter names contain hints like link or image
  • enforce that component prefixer and class param are used
  • enforce that certain ViewHelpers can't be used inside components
  • enforce that content param is always wrapped in <f:format.raw>

Getting Started

To use the linter, require this package as a dev dependency via composer:

composer req --dev sitegeist/fluid-components-linter

The package provides the binary fclint which can be used to validate individual component files as well as whole directory structures containing component files.

fclint lint Resources/Private/Components/

For ease of use you might want to define a custom composer command in your project:



    "scripts": {
        "lint:components": "fclint lint Resources/Private/Components/"

and then just call:

composer lint:components

(on-demand, in git hooks, in your CI...)

Customize Ruleset

If you want to modify the code quality ruleset, you can overwrite the predefined rules in default.fclint.json:

fclint lint -c ./myRules.fclint.json Resources/Private/Components/

For convenience, a file named .fclint.json in the current working directory will be picked up automatically and doesn't need to be specified with -c.

Your adjusted configuration will be merged with the selected configuration preset, so you only need to specify the rules you want to change. To make the following changes to the default rules:

  • ignore all components inside a folder called Template/
  • don't require a markdown documentation file if a fixture file is present
  • limit length of parameter names to 30 characters (default is 40)

you would use the following configuration file:


    "files": {
        "ignorePatterns": [
    "component": {
        "requireDocumentationWithFixtureFile": {
            "check": false
    "params": {
        "nameLength": {
            "max": 30

Command Line Options

There are a few command line options that can be specified:

$ fclint lint --help
Validates fluid components based on a specified ruleset

lint [options] [--] <paths>...

paths                        Component files that should be included

-e, --extension[=EXTENSION]  Component file extension [default: ".html"]
-p, --preset[=PRESET]        Name of configuration preset [default: false]
-c, --config[=CONFIG]        Path to custom configuration file (.fclint.json in the current working directory will be picked up automatically) [default: false]
    --severity[=SEVERITY]    Minimum severity, all issues below this severity will be skipped. Possible values: info, minor, major, critical, blocker [default: "info"]
-i, --ignore[=IGNORE]        Glob pattern that defines which files should be skipped (multiple values allowed)
    --json                   Output results as json (compatible to codeclimate spec)

Support & Discussion

If you have any questions, need support or want to discuss components in TYPO3, feel free to join #ext-fluid_components.