The Codeception extension for automatically starting and stopping PhantomJS when running tests.

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The Codeception extension for automatically starting and stopping PhantomJS when running tests.

Minimum Requirements

  • Codeception 2.2.7
  • PHP 5.4

Installation using Composer

$ composer require site5/phantoman

Be sure to enable the extension in codeception.yml as shown in configuration below.

Recommended Additional Packages

PhantomJS Installer via Composer

It is highly recommended that you use the PhantomJS Installer package which will install PhantomJS locally to your project in vendor/bin. Please follow the installation instructions provided.

Phantoman uses vendor/bin/phantomjs by default. If any other installation of PhantomJS is used, please set the path as shown in the configuration below.


By default Phantoman will use the path vendor/bin/phantomjs and port 4444.

Enabling and configuration can be done in codeception.yml or in your suite config file.

Enabling Phantoman with defaults

        - Codeception\Extension\Phantoman

Enabling Phantoman with alternate settings

        - Codeception\Extension\Phantoman
            path: '/usr/bin/phantomjs'
            port: 4445
            suites: ['acceptance']

Enabling Phantoman in the acceptance suite except on the ci environment

    - Codeception\Extension\Phantoman:
        suites: ['acceptance']
        - Codeception\Extension\Phantoman:
            suites: []

Available options

Options set in the Phantoman configuration are mapped to PhantomJS CLI options. The currently supported options are listed below.


  • path: {path}
    • Full path to the PhantomJS binary.
    • Default: vendor/bin/phantomjs
  • port: {port}
    • Webdriver port to start PhantomJS with.
    • Default: 4444
  • debug: {true|false}
    • Display debug output while Phantoman runs
    • Default: false

Proxy Support

  • proxy: {address:port}
    • Sets the proxy server.
  • proxyType: {[http|socks5|none]}
    • Specifies the proxy type.
  • proxyAuth: {username:password}
    • Provides authentication information for the proxy.


  • suites: {array|string}
    • If omitted, PhantomJS is started for all suites.
    • Specify an array of suites or a single suite name.
  • webSecurity: {true|false}
    • Enables web security
  • ignoreSslErrors: {true|false}
    • Ignores errors in the SSL validation.
    • Defaults to false
  • sslProtocol: {sslv3|sslv2|tlsv1|any}
    • Sets the SSL protocol for secure connections
    • Defaults to sslv3
  • sslCertificatesPath: {path}
    • Sets the location for custom CA certificates (if none set, uses system default).
  • remoteDebuggerPort: {port}
    • Starts PhantomJS in a debug harness and listens on the specified port
  • remoteDebuggerAutorun: {true|false}
    • Runs the script in the debugger immediately
    • Defaults to false
  • cookiesFile: {file path}
    • Sets the file name to store the persistent cookies
  • diskCache: {true|false}
    • Enabled disk cache
    • Defaults to false
  • maxDiskCacheSize: {number}
    • Limit the size of the disk cache in KB
  • loadImages: {true|false}
    • Loads all inlined images
    • Defaults to true
  • localStoragePath: {file path}
    • The path to save LocalStorage content and WebSQL content
  • localStorageQuota: {number}
    • Maximum size to allow for data in local storage in KB
  • localToRemoteUrlAccess: {true|false}
    • Allows local content to access remote URL
    • Defaults to false
  • outputEncoding: {encoding}
    • Sets the encoding for the terminal output
    • Default is utf8
  • scriptEncoding: {encoding}
    • Sets the encoding used for starting the script
    • Default is utf8
  • silent: {true|false}
    • Suppresses messages about starting and stopping the server
    • Default is false
  • webdriverLoglevel: {ERROR|WARN|INFO|DEBUG)}
    • WebDriver Logging Level
    • Defaults to INFO
  • webdriverLogfile: {path}
    • File where to write the WebDriver’s Log


Once installed and enabled, running your tests with php codecept run will automatically start the PhantomJS server and wait for it to be accessible before proceeding with the tests.

Starting PhantomJS Server.
Waiting for the PhantomJS server to be reachable..
PhantomJS server now accessible.

Once the tests are complete, PhantomJS will be shut down.

Stopping PhantomJS Server.


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