Data validation library. Validate arrays, array objects, domain models etc using a simple API. Easily add your own validators on top of the already dozens built-in validation rules

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Sirius Validation is a library for data validation. It offers:

  1. validator object
  2. 45 build-in validation rules. There are validators for strings, array, numbers, emails, URLs, files and uploads
  3. validation helper to simplify the validation of single values

Out-of-the-box, the library can handle arrays, ArrayObjects and objects that have implemented the toArray method. In order to validate other data containers you must create a DataWrapper so that the validator be able to extract data from your object.

Elevator pitch

$validator = new \Sirius\Validation\Validator;

// add a validation rule
$validator->add('title', 'required');

// add a rule that has a list of options
$validator->add('title', 'length', array('min' => 10, 'max' => 100));
// or use JSON
$validator->add('title', 'length', '{"min": 10, "max": 100}');
// or a URL query string
$validator->add('title', 'length', 'min=10&max=100');
// or, if you know that the validator can CORECTLY parse (ie: understand) the options string
$validator->add('title', 'length', '10,100');

// add a rule with a custom error message
$validator->add('title', 'maxlength', 'max=100', 'Article title must have less than {max} characters');

// add a rule with a custom message and a label (very handy with forms)
$validator->add('title:Title', 'maxlength', 'max=100', '{label} must have less than {max} characters');

// add all of rule's configuration in a string (you'll see later why it's handy')
$validator->add('title:Title', 'maxlength(max=255)({label} must have less than {max} characters)');

// add multiple rules at once (separate using [space][pipe][space])
$validator->add('title:Title', 'required | maxlength(255) | minlength(min=10)');

// add all your rules at once
    'title:Title' => 'required | maxlength(100)({label} must have less than {max} characters)',
	'content:Content' => 'required',
	'source:Source' => 'website'

// add nested rules
$validator->add('recipients[*]:Recipients', 'email'); //all recipients must be valid email addresses
$validator->add('shipping_address[city]:City', 'MyApp\Validator\City'); // uses a custom validator to validate the shipping city


Known issues

In PHP 5.3 there is some problem with the SplObject storage that prevents the library to remove validation rules. This means that in PHP 5.3, you cannot remove a validation rule from a Validator or ValueValidator object