Powerfull and fast PDO-based data mapper

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Sirius ORM is a fast and lightweight yet flexible data mapper solution developed with DX in mind. It offers:

  1. Mapping rows to your own entities
  2. Relations and relation aggregates (COUNT/AVERAGE)
  3. Eager-loading & lazy-loading (without increasing the number of queries)
  4. Queries that let you JOIN with relations (not tables)
  5. Deep persistence
  6. Dynamically defined mappers
  7. Speed & low memory usage (no Entity Manager)
  8. 90+% code coverage


composer require siriusphp/orm


use Sirius\Orm\Orm;
use Sirius\Orm\ConnectionLocator;
$connectionLocator = ConnectionLocator::new(
$orm = new Orm($connectionLocator);


AKA, registering mappers and relations

$orm->register('pages', MapperConfig::fromArray([
     * here goes the configuration 

// continue with the rest of mappers


// find by ID
$page = $orm->find('pages', 1);
// or via the mapper
$page = $orm->get('pages')->find(1);

// query
$pages = $orm->select('pages')
             ->where('status', 'published')
             ->orderBy('date desc')

// manipulate
$page->title = 'Best ORM evah!';
$page->featured_image->path = 'orm_schema.png';

// persist
// or via the mapper