PHP event dispatching library

0.3.0 2014-06-03 02:16 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-27 05:06:50 UTC


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A smart PHP event dispatching library that does not require your listeners to be aware of your subjects.


This library uses PHP 5.4+.


It is recommended that you install the Event library through composer. To do so, add the following lines to your composer.json file.

    "require": {
       "sinergi/event": "dev-master"


Listener example

use Sinergi\Event\ListenerInterface;

class MyListener implements ListenerInterface
    public function onUpdate(Subject $subject)
        // do something

Subject example

class Subject
    public $dispatcher;

    public function update()
        $this->dispatcher->trigger($this, 'update');

Add listener to dispatcher

use Sinergi\Event\Dispatcher;

$dispatcher = new Dispatcher();
$dispatcher->add(new MyListener());

Bind it all together

$subject = new Subject();
$subject->dispatcher = $dispatcher;