SilverWare Legals Module.

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1.1.0 2018-06-12 12:33 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-10 13:31:57 UTC


Provides a series of basic pro forma legal pages for SilverWare apps, including pages for copyright, privacy, and a disclaimer.




Installation is via Composer:

$ composer require silverware/legals


The module provides three pages ready for use within the CMS:

  • CopyrightPage
  • DisclaimerPage
  • PrivacyPage

Each is a child of the hidden LegalPage class. Each page comes with pro forma content (in English) to cover the basics for sites within Australia.

Please note, that under no circumstances can the maintainers of this module be held liable for any issue whatsoever relating to the use or misuse of the included content.

By using this module, you accept that you have read and understood the disclaimer.


Please use the GitHub issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests.


Your contributions are gladly welcomed to help make this project better. Please see contributing for more information.


The maintainers of this module give no warranties or representations concerning the pro forma legal content included with this module, and accept no liability in relation to the use of said content.

The included content is basic in nature, and should not be considered a substitute for professional legal advice. The included content is provided as-is, and any express or implied warranties are disclaimed.

For further information, please read the included license.


Colin Tucker Praxis Interactive
Colin Tucker Praxis Interactive


BSD-3-Clause © Praxis Interactive