Allows translation of DataObject and SiteTree records into multiple languages

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2.3.2 2018-06-18 22:09 UTC


Silverstripe Translatable is only compatible with Silverstripe CMS 3. Silverstripe CMS 3 has entered limited support in June 2018. This means we'll only be fixing critical bugs and security issues for Silverstripe CMS 3 going forward. This applies to Translatable as well.

silverstripe/fluent is the recommended alternative for Silverstripe CMS 4.

Translatable module for SilverStripe CMS

Build Status SilverStripe supported module


Allows translation of DataObject and SiteTree records into multiple languages.


Setup and Usage Documentation


  • SilverStripe Framework 3.2+ and CMS 3.2+


  • Ingo Schommer



Translations of the natural language strings are managed through a third party translation interface, Newly added strings will be periodically uploaded there for translation, and any new translations will be merged back to the project source code.

Please use to contribute translations, rather than sending pull requests with YAML files.

See the "i18n" topic on for more details.