Helper plugin to generate the schema required for silverstripe/graphql

0.1.0 2021-06-04 02:32 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-13 08:26:40 UTC



Generates the schema files required by the silverstripe/graphql module during composer install and composer update. Ensures that any module updates result in a consistent runtime state.

Note: Requires plugin execution within composer, which is enabled by default in composer.


composer require silverstripe/graphql-composer-plugin

Note: You generally don't need to install this plugin, it is a requirement of silverstripe/graphql.


The plugin runs sake dev/graphql/build by default, which builds all schemas. Set an SS_GRAPHQL_COMPOSER_CMD environment constant in order to customise this. You can either limit this to a specific schema (details), or set it to an empty string to disable execution.