This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the symbiote/silverstripe-multisites package instead.
There is no license information available for the latest version (5.2.6) of this package.

Allows for multiple websites to be managed through a single site tree.

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Allows for multiple websites to be managed through a single site tree.

This is an alternative module to the Subsites module; it avoids any session tracking of the 'current' website, and doesn't perform any query modification at runtime to change the 'site' context of queries you execute

Compatible with SilverStripe 4.0.x

  • Please see 4.0.x for 3.5 compatibility
  • Please see the 1.2.x version for 3.1 compatibility

Upgrading to SS4

The following important changes have happened

  • Themes must now be explicitly configured in your project config. Set Site.available_themes in yml config. This must be a map of themename: Label
  • Site specific Assets folders are not currently supported due to the fundamental change to asset management. This will be reviewed over time



  • Add the module and the multivaluefield module
  • Run dev/build

Setting up sites (and additional sites)

  • In the CMS go to the Pages section and click on the Website
  • Enter in the full path to the site in the 'Host' field, without the http:// lead - eg or localhost/sub/folder for a development site
  • Hit save
  • To add a new site, click the Pages section; you should have an 'Add site' button
  • Enter details about the new site, the Host field being the most important


    name: Label

To support cascading themes, provide a comma-separated list of themes for 'name' in configuration.

Assets management

NOTE: This is currently NOT working in SS4 due to the change to the asset management layer. Once clearer, this will be re-enabled.

You can optionally manage each site's assets in it's own subfolder of the root assets/ directory. Add the following extensions in your mysite/config.yml file and run ?flush=1. When editing a Site in the CMS, you now have the option to select a subfolder of assets/ to contain all assets for that site. This folder will be automatically created upon a) saving the site or b) visiting a page in the cms that has an upload field.

    - MultisitesFileFieldExtension

    - MultisitesHtmlEditorField_ToolbarExtension

Files uploaded through the HTMLEditor will now be uploaded into assets/yoursite/Uploads. If you have custom upload fields in the cms however, you will need to add the following configuration to them explicitly.


The above call to useMultisitesFolder() will change the folder name from ' images/page-images' to 'currentsitesubfolder/images/page-images'

Known issues

When linking to a page that belongs to a different site, SiteTree::Link() will return a bad link as it prepends the base URL. Currently the best way to work around this is to implement the following in your Page.php (model class).

 * Overrides SiteTree->Link. Adds a check for cases where we are linking to a
   page on a
 * different site in this multisites instance.
 * @return String
public function Link($action = null) {
	if($this->SiteID && $this->SiteID == Multisites::inst()->getCurrentSiteId()) {
		return parent::Link($action);
	} else {
		return $this->RelativeLink($action);