Adds stock management to SilverShop.

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3.0.0 2024-02-20 12:24 UTC

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Adds stock management to the SilverStripe Shop module.

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composer require "silvershop/stock:dev-master"

After installing the module, rebuild the database and create your first product warehouse in the ProductCatalogAdmin tab.

Feature Overview

This module provides a couple of additional models - ProductWarehouse, ProductWarehouseStock. A warehouse is a concept of a location where quantity of the stock is held. In a simple case, you may have a single ProductWarehouse instance that contains all your stock. More complex shops may have multiple warehouses (i.e a store and a supplier). These warehouses are managed through the ProductCatalogAdmin panel in the CMS.

The ProductWarehouseStock object manages the relation between a Product or a ProductVariation and contains the specific count of the product at that particular warehouse.

After installing the module your Product edit screen will gain a Stock tab which lists all your warehouses and the value count of the product (or variation). Leaving a warehouse stock value as -1 implies that this warehouse has an unlimited quantity of this product.

When an product is added to the users cart, the quantity is on reserved as the current order is stored in the Order table.

To make sure that stock added to the cart is released on abandoned carts make sure you have the CartCleanupTask task enabled as a cron job


  • Allow prioritizing of warehouses within each product (i.e use warehouse X for before warehouse Y) This should use a sortable grid field based on the ProductWarehoueStock.

  • Move 'unlimited stock' to a checkbox rather than -1.