Provides a 'shopfront' page type that can be used to display products or product categories.

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An extension to the SilverShop module that provides a custom page type for a 'shop front'. The shop front allows a CMS author to create 'sections', each of which can contain arbitrary products (or a product category).

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  • silvershop/core: ^3

Installation Instructions

  • Install via composer: composer require silvershop/shopfront
  • Run vendor/bin/sake dev/build flush=1 to add the new page types
  • Create a new 'Shop Front page' in the CMS, define your sections and add products to each one
  • The module ships with a super basic template that you are expected to override in your own theme:
    • Create a new file under themes/<your_theme>/templates/SilverShop/ShopFront/Page/Layout/
    • Add your custom styles and classes to this file, using the existing file as an example