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Bootstrap3 theme for select2 plugin

1.5.0 2015-05-25 14:31 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-24 04:30:08 UTC


This is a fork of select2-bootstrap-css. Branch master was replaced with bootstrap3 to make composer work without dev prefix

forked for Bootstrap 3.

Demonstrations available at

Tested with Bootstrap v3.3.2 and Select2 v3.3.2, v3.4.1-v3.4.5, v3.5.1, v3.5.2, master
in latest Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera (Mac) and IE8-IE10.

  • Bower: bower install select2-bootstrap-css
  • npm: npm install select2-bootstrap-css
Known issues
  • box-shadow for .select2-search input do not fit Bootstrap's defaults
  • the Select2 dropdown could inherit look-and-feel from Bootstrap dropdowns and/or could honor Bootstrap height sizing classes
  • checkboxes and radio-buttons in "Bootstrap input groups" could be vertically aligned to the top (instead of center) if combined with a multi Select2 to address variable height of the Select2 container
  • Fix wrong version number in distribution sources.
  • Built on Bootstrap 3 v3.3.2 and corresponding bootstrap-sass.
  • Don't hardcode :focus box-shadow colour (#58).
  • Removed gradient for .select2-dropdown-open.select2-drop-above [class^="select2-choice"] in IE <= 9; really fixes #35.
  • Removed box-shadow for .select2-container.form-control (inherited from Bootstrap's .form-control).
  • Fixed #35.
  • Removed border-left for .select2-arrow (#36).
  • Built on Bootstrap 3 v3.3.1 and corresponding bootstrap-sass.
  • Bower components now live in the default "bower_components" folder; ditched grunt-jekyll in favor of grunt-shell.
  • Updated grunt plugins.
  • Fixed border-radii for .select2-dropdown-open.select2-drop-above (as reported by @rzschech in t0m#24 (comment), t0m#24 (comment)) and `.select2-dropdown in "Bootstrap input groups with addons".
  • Fixed an issue where using Select2 pre v3.4.2 in combination with Bootstrap v3.2.0 and when using Select2 in a "Bootstrap Input Group with Addons" context would result in the original <select> element not being hidden.
  • Removed trailing comma in bower.json.
  • First version built on Twitter Bootstrap v3.2.0.
  • Fixes a bug inherited from Twitter Bootstrap by using its variables which in IE8-IE10 and Firefox caused Select2 widgets in "Bootstrap input groups with radio/checkbox addon" and .input-lg size modifier to be 1px off in height (Bootstrap 3's "input group sizing"-demo at behaved the same for Bootstrap v3.0.0).
  • Updates UI component colors.
  • Added main and dependencies section to bower.json.
  • First tagged version of the bootstrap3 branch (as requested in t0m#30).

Original select2-bootstrap-css for Bootstrap 2 by Tom Terrace (@tterrace).


The project offers Less and Sass sources for building select2-bootstrap.css; both make use of variables from either Bootstrap (Less) or Bootstrap for Sass. The demo pages are built using Jekyll and there are a bunch of Grunt tasks to ease development.

With Ruby and RubyGems, Jekyll, Bower, node.js, Less and Sass installed, run

npm install && bower install

to install all necessary development dependencies.

  • grunt copy copies assets from components to _jekyll – use this in case a new version of Twitter Bootstrap or Select2 are out and need to be tested
  • grunt build builds docs
  • grunt serve builds docs and serves them via Jekyll's --watch flag on http://localhost:4000
  • grunt watch watches for changes in lib/select2-bootstrap.scss (livereload is enabled)

Develop in lib/select2-bootstrap.scss test your changes using grunt watch and grunt serve. Ideally, port your changes to lib/select2-bootstrap.less and make sure tests are passing to verify that Less and Sass compile down to the target CSS via npm test.