This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Id Broker Password Store component for IdP PW API

3.2.1 2017-12-06 19:47 UTC

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Last update: 2020-03-13 20:08:57 UTC


This repository is no longer maintained. It has been incorporated into idp-pw-api.


Id Broker Password Store component for IdP PW API

Codeship Status for silinternational/idp-pw-api-passwordstore-id-broker


This code is loaded in as a Yii2 Component in the main config file. Here is an example:

'components' => [
    'passwordStore' => [
        'class' => 'Sil\IdpPw\PasswordStore\IdBroker\IdBroker',
        'baseUrl' => Env::requireEnv('ID_BROKER_BASE_URI'),
        'accessToken' => Env::requireEnv('ID_BROKER_ACCESS_TOKEN'),
        'assertValidBrokerIp' => true,
        'validIpRanges' => ['10.0.01/16',''],

A more concise example:

'components' => [
    'passwordStore' => ArrayHelper::merge(
        ['class' => 'Sil\IdpPw\PasswordStore\IdBroker\IdBroker'],

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