A Laravel Wrapper around RDStation API version 2.0

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dev-master 2021-06-18 19:05 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-03-19 01:18:41 UTC


This library provides an objected-oriented wrapper of the PHP classes to access RDStation API v2


composer require silici0/rdstation:dev-master

Publish Conf File

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="silici0\RDStation\RDStationServiceProvider"


Need to install rdstation database to store "code" and auth "key"

php artisan migrate


Access to create a new APP, on the new APP use callback url, get your ClientID and ClientSecret key, put those on config/rdstation.php

Now you can access, just access the link, give it permission, on the way back you should see a success message.

And its ready to use.

Usage example

$rdstation = resolve('rdstation');

//Create or Update Lead
$d = array();
$d['name'] = 'Fulano de tal';
$d['email']= ''; //Lead email Key
$d['personal_phone']='(11) 4022-1234';


// Create new event for the Lead

$calltracking = Cookie::get('_rdtrk');
if (!empty($calltracking)) 
    $d['client_tracking_id']= $calltracking;
$utm_source = Cookie::get('__trf.src');
if (!empty($utm_source)) 
    $d['traffic_source'] = $utm_source;
else {
	// GET UTM and save in $d array

$rdstation->saveEvent('CONVERSION TAG NAME', $d);

// Update Funnel 
$d = array();
$d['email'] = ''; //Lead email Key
$d['lifecycle_stage	'] = 'Lead';
$d['opportunity'] = false;
$d['contact_owner_email'] = ''; // Must be a rdstation user


Custom Fields

To send custom fields you need to use api_identifier fields, use getFields() method to check api_identifier of the fields