Adds a customizable form where users can submit information to be approved and added to a listing by the CMS user.

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1.2.0 2017-07-17 06:53 UTC

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Last update: 2022-06-26 12:32:41 UTC



Extends User Defined Forms so that CMS users can create customized listings based on user submissions. Example steps are:

  • A CMS user can create a business listing form.
  • Then a user will submit details about their business using the form.
  • A CMS user then approves the submission and a page is created, utilizing the submission data.

Search Form

This module comes with the ability to enable the various form fields to be searchable. Simply edit a field and under the 'Search' tab, configure appropriately.

You can also turn this off by setting:

	enable_search_form: false

This will prevent any search related DB fields from being created on EditableFormField.

Templating the $Listing

  • Copy '' from usersubmissionpages/templates/Includes/ into your theme/Includes folder.
  • /dev/build or ?flush=1
  • Modify as you see fit.



composer require silbinarywolf/usersubmissionpages:1.1.*