Content elements and utilities for media in Neos CMS

3.0.0 2019-10-25 09:29 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-08-25 11:12:38 UTC


This is a plugin for Neos CMS and the Neos/Media package.

It allows you to import files from a folder into the Media management and contains some Neos content element for browsing media in the frontend.

Warning: This package is not stable yet. So use at your own risk!


Add composer package

Run the following command in your site package:

composer require --no-update shel/mediafrontend

Then run the following command in your project root:

composer update


See composer.json. Additionally the frontend uses FontAwesome by default. But you can change this by overriding the Fusion objects in your own package.


The routes for the content element pagination are auto-included in the Settings.yaml.

Import files

This command will import all files recursively from a folder and puts them into a asset collection called "Imported".

Running the import command several times will not import the files again. Each files sha1 hash is checked if it already exists as resource.

./flow import:files --path=... [--simulate] 

Undo import

Removes all assets which are still part of the "Imported" asset collection. You can use this command to cleanup your assets after you assigned your files to the collections you want.

./flow import:purge [--simulate]

Use the content elements

After installation you can add the new element Asset directory as content element to any page.

It allows you to configure a main asset collection to initially filter which assets to show. You can also define more collections by which the user can filter.

Another filterbox shows the available tags of the selected main asset collection.