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Adds Google Analytics tracking code to each multisite

dev-master / 1.0.x-dev 2017-10-01 11:48 UTC


Adds Google Analytics tracking code to each multisite


  • SilverStripe 3.0.*
  • Multisites


The default behaviour inserts the tracking code automatically in the page head.

The code only gets inserted in live mode.

Using a template for the tracking code

If you want to use the template version of the tracking code (i.e. if you need to modify the tracking code for your project/theme) add the following line to your _config.php:

MultisiteAnalyticsControllerExtension::$use_template = true;

Use <% include GoogleAnalytics %> in your layout template to insert the tracking code.

Copy the template multisites-googleanalytics/templates/Includes/ to your theme to make changes to the tracking code.

Download tracking with custom controller urls (i.e. DMS module)

In order to track downloads that use a controller url instead of the direct file link (i.e. DMS module), please add the following attributes to the links:

class="download" data-extension="$Extension" data-filename="$FilenameWithoutID"

This will trigger the event tracking script to record the clicks.