User accounts library for shadowprince/slimext

0.1.5 2013-11-17 12:16 UTC


Uac is component for slimext. Provides user accounts features - creating, managing, authorization and more.

That component does not provide any views, just functions. Typical usage example

Cookie authorization

If there is "uac_sessid" cookie (with session identifier), session receive from database, and if it's not expired, user is not deleted or not deactivated it becomes authorized, else session removes from database.

Uac models


General data - username, password-hash, status, permissions, date joined. Used for authorization, permission system.


UserProfile (returned by profile() method of User) is model of class from application config ("uac.user_profile")for additional data like email, reputation, etc.


Information about user authorization sessions - each user can have unlimited count of sessions, one per cookie set.