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Flutterwave v3 PHP SDK for Codeigniter 4.

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This Flutterwave v3 PHP Library for Codeigniter4 provides easy access to Flutterwave for Business (F4B) v3 APIs from php apps. It abstracts the complexity involved in direct integration and allows you to make quick calls to the APIs.

Available features include:

  • Collections: Card, Account, Mobile money, Bank Transfers, USSD, Barter, NQR.
    • Flutterwave standard payment processing.
  • Payouts and Beneficiaries.
  • Recurring payments: Tokenization and Subscriptions.
  • Split payments
  • Card issuing
  • Transactions dispute management: Refunds.
  • Transaction reporting: Collections, Payouts, Settlements, and Refunds.
  • Bill payments: Airtime, Data bundle, Cable, Power, Toll, E-bills, and Remitta.
  • Identity verification: Resolve bank account, resolve BVN information.

Table of Contents

  1. Requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Initialization
  4. Usage
  5. Contributing
  6. License


  1. Flutterwave for business API Keys
  2. PHP >= 7.4
  3. Codeigniter4


Installation via Composer.

To install the package via Composer, run the following command.

composer require seunex17/flutterwave-ci4


Create a .env file and follow the format of the env file Save your PUBLIC_KEY, SECRET_KEY in the .env file

cp env .env

Your .env file should look this.



Collecting payment (Flutterwave standard)

he SDK provides you with the easy methods of making collections via the hosted flutterwave standard method.

   $data = [
	  'tx_ref' => time(), // Can be replace with your unique ref code
	  'amount' => '500',
	  'currency' => 'NGN', // or EUR or GBP for EU Collection.
	  'meta' => [
	      'product_id' => 1,
	      'product_sku' => 'sku_1234'
	    ], // This meta param is optional just to send extra info
	  'customer_email' => '',
	  'customer_name' => 'John Doe',
	  'redirect_url' => base_url('verify'),

	return CollectPayment::standard($data);

Card charge

You can also charge customer card directly from you website using the Card charge method.

   $data = [
	  'card_number' => "***************",
	  'cvv' => '564',
	  'expiry_month' => '09',
	  'expiry_year' => '24',
	  'redirect_url' => base_url('verify'),
	  'currency' => 'NGN', // or EUR or GBP for EU Collection.
	  'amount' => '500',
	  'fullname' => 'John Doe',
	  'email' => '',
	  'tx_ref' => time(), // Can be replace with your unique ref code

    echo '<pre>';
    echo '<pre>';

Tokenized Charge

the feature allow you to charge customer card. It is usually used for recurring payment. Where you can automatically charge customer card without physical interaction. Customer must first make a payment on your website. After the payment was successful you can securely store teh customer card token in you database. This token will be used to chage customer card. And take note that the token must match the customer email every time you want to initiate a tokenized charge.

  $data = [
      'token' => "flw-t1nf-2dd950bd8f3c966d5a5453128c1ed517-m03k",
      'country' => 'NG',
      'first_name' => 'John',
      'last_name' => "Doe",
      'currency' => 'NGN',
      'tx_ref' => time(),
      'amount' => '500',
      'email' => '',
      'narration' => 'Cable subscription'

   echo '<pre>';
   echo '<pre>';

Verify transaction

Next after collecting payment from our customer. In the above request we set a redirect page where flutterwave will send our user to either complete payment or cancel it. In the redrected page (method) add this below code to verify you payment.

   if (!$txn = $this->request->getGet('transaction_id'))
	  // Payment was cancel by customer or another thing else.
	  // Redirect user to error page
	  return 'payment was cancel';

	  $response = Verification::transaction($txn);
	  echo $response->status();

	  // the response above give you an array of the transaction report
	  // You can now access each report value like this: $response->amount
	  // Remember to check if amount paid is same as you product amount.
   catch (\Exception $e)
      return $e->getMessage();

Available methods for accessing verified transaction

Method Type Description
id int Return the id of the transaction
transactionRef string Return the transaction references
flutterwaveRef string Flutterwave transaction references
deviceFingerprint string Return the device fingerptin of the customer
amount float Return the amount set by the merchant
currency string Return the ISO currency of the transaction
chargeAmount float Return the actual amount paid by teh customer
fee float Return the application fee impose by flutterwave on teh transaction
merchantFee float Return the flutterwave charged the merchant not the customer
processorResponse string Return the payment processor response
authModel string Return the payment auth model
ipAddress string Return the ip address of teh customer
narration string Return the narration of the transaction
status string Return the transaction status
paymentType string Retun the payment type e.g card, ussd, bank, etc
accountId int Return teh flutterwave account id number
firstCardPan string Return the customer card first six digit
lastCardPan string Return teh customer card last four digit
cardIssuer String Return the customer card issuer
cardCountry string Return the country name of the card
cardType string Return teh customer card type
cardToken string Return the token of the card issue by flutterwave
cardExpire string Return the card expiration date
meta object Return teh customer data you set when initializing the payment
amountSettled float Return the total amount settle to the merchant account
customerEmail string Return customer email address
customerName string Return customer full name
customerPhone string Return customer phone number

Refund a transaction

Whenever your customer pay you, it is advisable to store the transaction information return by flutterwave. To create a refund we needed the amount paid and transaction id (transaction_id).

  $transactionId = "4717164";
  $amount = 500;

  Transaction::refund($transactionId, $amount);

List all transactions

You can retrieve all transactions carried out on you flutterwave account.

  $transactions = Transaction::list(); // This return an object of array.

List all refunds

You can retrieve all refunded transactions carried out on you flutterwave account.

  $refunds = Transaction::refunds(); // This return an object of array.

Get transaction fee

This methods helps you to query the fees expected to be paid for a particular transaction. This methods only returns fees for collections i.e. inflows.

Flutterwave Fee

  $data = [
      'amount' => 500,
      'currency' => 'NGN',

Merchant Fee

  $data = [
      'amount' => 500,
      'currency' => 'NGN',

Stamp duty Fee

  $data = [
      'amount' => 500,
      'currency' => 'NGN',

Contribution guidelines

this library is open for public to contribute.


By contributing to this library, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under its MIT license.

Flutterwave API References