A SetaPDF-Signer component signature module for the AWS Key Management Service.

v1.1.1 2023-03-16 14:07 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-05-25 10:43:58 UTC


This package offers a module for the SetaPDF-Signer component that allow you to use the AWS Key Management Service to digital sign PDF documents in pure PHP.


This package uses the official AWS SDK for PHP Version 3 to communicate with the KMS. You need appropriate credentials.

You also need a X.509 certificates related to your stored keys. To create a self-signed certificate for testing purpose or to create a CSR for the certificate authority of your choice, you can use a tool we prepared here.

The package is developed and tested on PHP >= 5.6. Requirements of the SetaPDF-Signer component can be found here.


Add following to your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "setasign/setapdf-signer-addon-aws-kms": "^1.0"
    "repositories": [
            "type": "composer",
            "url": ""

and execute composer update. You need to define the repository to evaluate the dependency to the SetaPDF-Signer component (see here for more details).

The Setasign repository requires authentication data: You can use your credentials of your account at to which your licenses are assigned. You will be asked for this during a composer run. See here for more options for authentication with composer.

You have to define your credentials for AWS KMS in environment variables.


All classes in this package are located in the namespace setasign\SetaPDF\Signer\Module\AwsKms.

The Module class

This is the main signature module which can be used with the SetaPDF-Signer component.

A simple complete signature process would look like this:

$kmsClient = new Aws\Kms\KmsClient\KmsClient([
    'region' => $region,
    'version' => $version,
$awsKmsModule = new setasign\SetaPDF\Signer\Module\AwsKms\Module($keyId, $kmsClient);

$cert = file_get_contents('your-cert.crt');

// the file to sign
$fileToSign = __DIR__ . '/Laboratory-Report.pdf';

// create a writer instance
$writer = new SetaPDF_Core_Writer_File('signed.pdf');
// create the document instance
$document = SetaPDF_Core_Document::loadByFilename($fileToSign, $writer);

// create the signer instance
$signer = new SetaPDF_Signer($document);

Make sure that you pass $algorithm value which match the configuration of the key in the KMS.


This package is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.