A tool to generate stub-files for your php classes.

v1.0.1 2020-12-04 09:12 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-04-29 00:51:37 UTC


A tool to generate stub-files for your php classes.

The main purpose for this tool is to generate stub-files from php classes to have code completion for your IDE when encrypting your library with e.g. the ioncube encoder.

Minimum PHP Version License


A basic installation via Composer could be done this way:

composer require setasign/php-stub-generator

Composer will install the tool to your project's vendor/setasign/php-stub-generator directory.

Basic usage


use setasign\PhpStubGenerator\PhpStubGenerator;
use setasign\PhpStubGenerator\Reader\AllFiles;

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$generator = new PhpStubGenerator();
    new AllFiles(__DIR__ . '/vendor/setasign/setapdf-core/library')
$output = $generator->generate();

file_put_contents(__DIR__ . '/setapdf-core-stub.php', $output);

Alternatively you could just call the cli helper.

vendor/bin/php-stub-generator generate setapdf-core/library setapdf-core-stub.php


The PhpStubGenerator class has following settings:

class PhpStubGenerator
     * End of line character(s).
     * Doesn't change the used EOL character(s) of doc blocks.
     * @var string
    public static $eol = "\n";

     * Tab character(s)
     * @var string
    public static $tab = '    ';

     * If enabled all generated class constants get a visibility (the generated stubs require PHP >= 7.1)
     * Within the cli tool can be set with the option "--addClassConstantsVisibility"
     * @var bool
    public static $addClassConstantsVisibility = false;

Drawbacks / TODOs

  • Traits are not supported yet and probably won't be because of bugs like this. The actual reflection api doesn't give enough information to rebuild the conflict resolution block. Additionally the "declaring class" of imported trait methods is the importing class and not like expected the trait.
  • Calculated constants or constants that use other constants like __DIR__ will be filled with the values of the runtime environment.