Get Google, Bing, Baidu, Ebay, Yahoo, Yandex, Home depot, Naver, Apple, Duckduckgo, Youtube search results via

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PHP build

This PHP API is meant to scrape and parse Google, Bing or Baidu results using SerpApi.

The full documentation is available here.

The following services are provided:

SerpApi provides a script builder to get you started quickly.


Php 7+ must be already installed and composer dependency management tool.

Package available from packagist.

Quick start

if you're using composer, you can add this package (link to packagist).

$ composer require serpapi/google-search-results-php

Then you need to load the dependency in your script.

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

if not, you must clone this repository and link the class.

require 'path/to/google-search-results';
require 'path/to/restclient';

Get "your secret key" from

Then you can start coding something like:

$client = new GoogleSearch("your secret key");
$query = ["q" => "coffee","location"=>"Austin,Texas"];
$response = $client->get_json($query);

This example runs a search about "coffee" using your secret api key.

The SerpApi service (backend)

  • searches on Google using the query: q = "coffee"
  • parses the messy HTML responses
  • return a standardizes JSON response The Php class GoogleSearch
  • Format the request to SerpApi server
  • Execute GET http request
  • Parse JSON into Ruby Hash using JSON standard library provided by Ruby Et voila..

Alternatively, you can search:

  • Bing using BingSearch class
  • Baidu using BaiduSearch class
  • Ebay using EbaySearch class
  • Yahoo using YahooSearch class
  • Yandex using YandexSearch class
  • Walmart using WalmartSearch class
  • Youtube using YoutubeSearch class
  • HomeDepot using HomeDepotSearch class
  • Apple App Store using AppleAppStoreSearch class
  • Naver using NaverSearch class

See the playground to generate your code.


How to set SERP API key

The SerpApi api_key can be set globally using a singleton pattern.

$client = new GoogleSearch();
$client->set_serp_api_key("Your Private Key");


$client = new GoogleSearch("Your Private Key");

Search API capability

$query = [
  "q" =>  "query",
  "google_domain" =>  "Google Domain", 
  "location" =>  "Location Requested", 
  "device" =>  "device",
  "hl" =>  "Google UI Language",
  "gl" =>  "Google Country",
  "safe" =>  "Safe Search Flag",
  "num" =>  "Number of Results",
  "start" =>  "Pagination Offset",
  "serp_api_key" =>  "Your SERP API Key",
  "tbm" => "nws|isch|shop"
  "tbs" => "custom to be search criteria"
  "async" => true|false # allow async 

$client = new GoogleSearch("private key");

$html_results = $client->get_html($query);
$json_results = $client->get_json($query);

Location API

$client = new GoogleSearch(getenv("API_KEY"));
$location_list = $client->get_location('Austin', 3);

it prints the first 3 location matching Austin (Texas, Texas, Rochester)

  :name=>"Austin, TX",
  :canonical_name=>"Austin,TX,Texas,United States",
  :target_type=>"DMA Region",
  :gps=>[-97.7430608, 30.267153],
  :keys=>["austin", "tx", "texas", "united", "states"]},

Search Archive API

Let's run a search to get a search_id.

$client = new GoogleSearch(getenv("API_KEY"));
$result = $client->get_json($this->QUERY);
$search_id = $result->search_metadata->id

Now let's retrieve the previous search from the archive.

$archived_result = $client->get_search_archive($search_id);

it prints the search from the archive.

Account API

$client = new GoogleSearch($this->API_KEY);
$info = $client->get_account();

it prints your account information.

Search Google Images

$client = new GoogleSearch(getenv("API_KEY"));
$data = $client->get_json([
  'q' => "Coffee", 
  'tbm' => 'isch'

foreach($data->images_results as $image_result) {
  //to download the image:
  // `wget #{image_result[:original]}`

this code prints all the images links, and download image if you un-comment the line with wget (linux/osx tool to download image).

Example by specification

The code described above is tested in the file test.php and example.php. To run the test locally.

export API_KEY='your secret key'
make test example

Composer example


To run the code.

Change log

  • 2.0
    • Code refractoring SearchResult -> Search
    • Add walmart and youtube search engine
  • 1.2.0
    • Add more search engine
  • 1.0
    • First stable version


SerpApi supports all the major search engines. Google has the more advance support with all the major services available: Images, News, Shopping and more.. To enable a type of search, the field tbm (to be matched) must be set to:

  • isch: Google Images API.
  • nws: Google News API.
  • shop: Google Shopping API.
  • any other Google service should work out of the box.
  • (no tbm parameter): regular Google search. The field tbs allows to customize the search even more.

The full documentation is available here.

Author: Victor Benarbia For more information:

Thanks Rest API for Php