Admin panel builder based on Backpack for Laravel but with different API

0.1.1 2020-06-20 19:22 UTC



Note: this is an experiment and is still in development. API is extremely volatile; also I may end up dumping this.

BadPack is an opinionated admin panel for Laravel. It allows you to build powerful admin panels very fast.

It uses Backpack for Laravel as its base and is fully compatible with it; however, it provides a very different interface to the same operations. This means that, while this project is free to use, you do need to review Backpack License before going to production.

This package is basically just a wrapper around Backpack's API to make it more usable, but, as mentioned earlier, its opinionated. Then again, its fully compatible, thus you don't really have to worry and if you don't like certain features, you don't need to use them.