PHP client for the Lightspeed eCom API

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Lightspeed eCom

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Lightspeed eCom PHP API client

This package is a convenience wrapper to communicate with the Lightspeed eCom REST-API.


For the installation of the client, there are 2 ways. The composer way is preferable, but not always possible.


Note: From client version 1.9.0 and upward, we will only support PHP 5.4 and above.

Include the package in your composer.json file

    "require": {
        "seoshop/seoshop-php": "^1.9"

...then run composer update and load the composer autoloader:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

// ...


Obtain the latest version of the Lightspeed eCom PHP API client

git clone

And include the class in your project

require_once '/path/to/WebshopappApiClient.php';


There are a lot of API resources that are accessible through this client. You can look them up by looking at the code. Their name matches the name in the documentation.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$client = new WebshopappApiClient('[api-server]', '[api-key]', '[api-secret]', '[language]');

$shopInfo = $client->shop->get();


[api-server] Available server(-clusters): live, eu1, us1

[api-key] The API key you've received or created

[api-secret] The API secret you've received or created

[language] Language shortcode that's available in the shop you're connecting to

Fetching response headers

After making a call, you can fetch the response headers from our API server and use it to check important data such as rate limiting.

$shopInfo = $client->shop->get();
$response = $shopInfo->getResponseHeaders();

Getting started

Lightspeed eCom offers a powerful set of API’s for developers to create awesome apps. The API provides developers the interface to connect with third party software such as accounting-, feedback-, e-mailmarketing- and inventory management-software, or extend with new features that interact with our core platform, such as loyalty programs, social-sharing programs or reporting tools.

Getting started with Lightspeed eCom is easy. Not a partner yet? Please sign up as a partner and claim your account details and API keys.

Read our tutorials on how to build and publish your first app. Check our introduction to find out how to use the API


More documentation can be found at


We love contributions, but please note that the API client is generated. If you have suggested changes, you may still create a PR, but your PR will not be merged. We will however adapt the generator to reflect your changes. You can also create a GitHub issue if there's something you miss.

Unofficial clients for other languages