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Command line tool to detect usage of deprecated code

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CAUTION: This package is abandoned and will no longer receive any updates.

The SensioLabs DeprecationDetector runs a static code analysis against your project's source code to find usages of deprecated methods, classes and interfaces. For Symfony projects, it also detects usages of deprecated services. It identifies the use of deprecated code thanks to the @deprecated annotation.


Please note this tool is in a very early stage of development. Expect bugs and quirks.

Basic knowledge

The Sensiolabs DeprecationDetector is a command line command based on the Symfony Console component. It makes heavy use of the PHP-Parser library for analyzing PHP code.

The command works in three steps:

  1. Scanning your vendor libraries for defined deprecations and cache them as a ruleset
  2. Finding usages of those deprecations from your ruleset.
  3. Output with the affected code parts.



For a system-wide installation via Composer, you can run:

$ composer global require sensiolabs-de/deprecation-detector

Make sure you have ~/.composer/vendor/bin/ in your PATH and you will be able to call the deprecation-detector command.


You can download the PHAR file available on the releases page:

curl -OL
php deprecation-detector.phar


Clone the repository

$ git clone

Run composer

$ composer install

Create phar archive with Box (optional)

$ box build

Provided you created the phar archive, if you want to call the deprecation-detector globally, it needs to be placed in your PATH. For example with:

$ chmod a+x deprecation-detector.phar
$ mv deprecation-detector.phar /usr/local/bin/deprecation-detector

Otherwise you can call bin/deprecation-detector directly.


To use the DeprecationDetector you need to provide the source and the ruleset arguments

$ deprecation-detector check src/ vendor/
$ deprecation-detector check src/ composer.lock
$ deprecation-detector check src/ .rules/some_generated_rule_set


There are different output formats available, by default the output is printed in the commandline.


$ deprecation-detector check src/ vendor/ --log-html deprecationlog.html

You can get a list of all options and arguments by running

$ deprecation-detector check --help

The default output might not fit into the cli. If that is the case you can set the output to a list by setting --output=simple.

$ deprecation-detector check src/ vendor/ --output=simple

Excluding deprecated method calls

You can exclude deprecated method calls by using the filter-methods option. This option takes a comma separated list of method references to exclude.

$ deprecation-detector check --filter-methods=MyClass::method,Foo::bar src/ vendor/

This will exclude all deprecated calls to MyClass::method and Foo::bar.


Currently, the SensioLabs DeprecationDetector is in a very early state. Pull requests are welcome!


The DeprecationDetector is a project developed by the team at SensioLabs Deutschland, maintained by @marvin_klemp.