The Fluent Laravel E-commerce system

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marketplace provides you the following :

1. Product & Product Variation System

Create simple products, and complex ones using variation system by attaching the product to a specific type.

2. Coupon System

Generate , Validate , and purchase them while checkout easily.

3. Wishlist / Cart System

  • CRUD the wishlist/cart easily
  • get the total/subtotal of the whole cart/wishlist and optionally after sale/coupons applied.
  • stock handling behind the scenes .

4. Category System

  • Attach product, type of products to a category.

5. Sale System

  • Setup sale for category, specific product, type of products.

6. Authorizing Users & Managing Roles.

Installation Steps

1. Require the Package

After creating your new Laravel application you can include the marketplace package with the following command:

composer require sectheater/marketplace:dev-master

2. Add the DB Credentials & APP_URL

Next make sure to create a new database and add your database credentials to your .env file:


You will also want to update your website URL inside of the APP_URL variable inside the .env file:


3. Getting Your Environment Ready.

Just Run The following command.

 php artisan sectheater-market:install     
Command Interpretation
  • The command just publishes the marketplace's config, migrations,helpers and seeder.

Notice : You may need to run the autoload composer command to reload the changes.

 composer dump-autoload -o 

Another Notice : Don't forget to delete the default users table migration, as marketplace ships with a default one as well.

4. Sample Usage

4.1 Creating a Product with Variation.
  'user_id' => auth()->id(),
  'name' => 'laptop',
  'description' => 'Fancy laptop',
  'price' => 15000,
  'category' => 'electronics',
  'type' => ['name' => 'MacBook Pro', 'stock' => 20],
  'details' => ['color' => 'Silver', 'dummy-feature' => 'dummy-text']
4.2 Filter products by criteria.

Product::fetchByVariations(['locations' => 'U.K', 'variations' => ['size' => 'XL', 'color' => 'red'], 'categories' => 'clothes']);
  • Add custom Criterion and use it while searching.
4.3 get Cart total/subtotal.

Out of the blue, you may use a couple of methods to retrieve the total/subtotal

Cart::total(); // returns total after applying tax.
Cart::total($coupons); // Collection of coupons passed, returns total after applying tax and coupons.

Suprisingly every single method you can use for a cart, you can use for a wishlist ( since we can consider it as a virtual cart )

4.4 get Cart item .

Cart::item(1); // get the item with id of 1

Cart::item(1,  ['color' => 'blue', 'size' => 'L']); // get the item with the id of 1 and should have these attributes.

Cart::item(null, ['color' => 'blue','size' => 'L']); // get the current authenticated user's cart which has these attributes assuming that these attributes identical to the database record.

Cart::item(null, ['color' => 'blue','size' => 'L'] , 'or');  // get the current authenticated user's cart which has any of these attributes.
4.4 Generate Coupons.
  'user_id' => auth()->id(),
  'active' => true,
  'percentage' => 10.5,
  'expires_at' => Carbon::now()->addWeeks(3)->format('Y-m-d H:i:s')
4.5 Validate Coupons.
$coupon = Coupon::first(); // valid one
Coupon::validate($coupon); // returns true
4.6 Deactivate Coupons.
$coupon = Coupon::first(); 
4.7 Purchas Coupons.
$coupon = Coupon::first();
Coupon::purchase($coupon); // Purchase the coupon for the current authenticated user.
Coupon::purchase($coupon, $anotherUser); // Purchase the coupon for the passed user.
4.7 Purchased Coupons.
  • It releases the invalid purchased coupons automatically.
Coupon::purchased(); // returns the only valid purchased coupons.
4.8 Apply Specific Coupons.
  • Assuming the user has a couple of coupons, he can designate which of them that can be applied on a specific product.
Coupon::appliedCoupons($coupons); // returns a query builder.

For more, you can view the docs.