Adds the <wbr> HTML element to CKEditor 5 in TYPO3. If set in a long word, the browser may break a line (without adding a hyphen character). Useful e.g. for long URLs and file paths.

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CKEditor 5: wordbreak Plugin (TYPO3 Extension)


TYPO3 12.4.0 - 12.4.99

What does this extension do?

  • This extension provides general support for the <wbr> HTML element in CKEditor 5 and TYPO3 v12
  • Editors can insert the element by pressing a button at the current cursor position
  • All <wbr> elements are highlighted in the editor (similar to the softhyphen)

<wbr>: The Line Break Opportunity element

  • Allows a line break without adding a hyphen to the wrapped string
  • Useful e.g. for long URLs or file paths, displayed on mobile websites or inside narrow parent elements

Line breaks are only applied by browsers if the word is too long for the surrounding element or viewport.

Further information:


CKEditor in TYPO3 backend: Highlighted line breaks in editor UI

CKEditor in TYPO3 backend: Highlighted line breaks in editor UI

The <wbr> elements are highlighted with an arrow on a colored background (similar to the soft-hyphen in TYPO3's editor).

CKEditor in TYPO3 backend: HTML source view

CKEditor in TYPO3 backend: HTML source view

In the source editing mode, <wbr> elements are visible in the HTML.

Frontend view (small viewport): Applied line breaks

Applied line breaks in the frontend

In the frontend, the browser adds line breaks to the text where <wbr> elements are set (but only where necessary).


composer req sebkln/ckeditor-wordbreak

The extension needs to be installed as any other extension of TYPO3 CMS.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Load and install the extension
  2. Include the static template "CKEditor plugin: wordbreak" into your TypoScript template
  3. Extend your CKEditor configuration (see below)

CKEditor configuration

    # 1. Import the plugin:
      - '@sebkln/ckeditor-wordbreak'

        # 2. Add the button to your existing list of toolbar items:
        - WordBreak

# 3. Add <wbr> tag to list of tags that are allowed in the content:
    - wbr