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This lib is used to execute git commands directly from PHP via a defined api. All you have to do is setup a Repository object, retrieve a command Operator and fire away. Each git command like git config or git log is handled by a separate Operator. Follow the next steps to give it a try.


The git package is installable via composer. Just run the following command.

$ composer require sebastianfeldmann/git


Setup the Repository

$repoRootPath  = '/var/www/my-project';
$gitRepository = new Git\Repository($repoRootPath);

Retrieve the needed Operator

$log = $gitRepository->getLogOperator();

Get files and commits since some tag

$files   = $log->getChangedFilesSince('1.0.0');
$commits = $log->getCommitsSince('1.0.0');

Copy Paste Example

use SebastianFeldmann\Git;

require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

// path to repository without .git
$repoRootPath  = '/path/to/repo';
$gitRepository = new Git\Repository($repoRootPath);

// get files and commits since hash or tag
$log     = $gitRepository->getLogOperator();
$files   = $log->getChangedFilesSince('1.0.0');
$commits = $log->getCommitsSince('1.0.0');

// check the index status
$index = $gitRepository->getIndexOperator();
$files = $index->getStagedFiles();

Available operators

  • Config - Access all git settings e.g. line break settings.
  • Diff - Compare two versions.
  • Index - Check the staging area.
  • Info - Access the current state like branch name or commit hash.
  • Log - Returns list of changed files and other git log information.

Example commands

Get the current tag:

// git describe --tag
$tag = $infoOperator->getCurrentTag();

Get tags for a given commit:

// git tag --points-at HEAD
$tags = $infoOperator->getTagsPointingTo('HEAD');

Get the current branch:

// git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD
$branch = $infoOperator->getCurrentBranch();

Get a list of staged files:

// git diff-index --cached --name-status HEAD
$files = $indexOperator->getStagedFiles();

Get all current git settings:

// git config --list
$config = $configOperator->getSettings();

Get all changed files since a given commit or tag:

// git log --format='' --name-only $HASH
$files = $logOperator->changedFilesSince('1.0.0');

Get differences between two versions

// git diff '1.0.0' '1.1.0'
$changes = $diffOperator->compare('1.0.0', '1.1.0');