This package makes it possible to generate TypeScript types based on your models

10.3.0 2024-03-20 11:44 UTC



Generate TypeScript types based on your models.



Install the package using composer:

composer require --dev scrumble-nl/laravel-model-ts-type

Generating types

php artisan types:generate {--modelDir=} {--outputDir=} {--model=} {--noKebabCase}

Additional options:

Option Default value Description
modelDir app/Models The root directory where the package can find all Laravel models
outputDir resources/js/models The root directory for outputting the .d.ts files
namespace false The namespace of the generated Types. Use false if you don't prefer to have one
noKebabCase false Whether the file name should be formatted to kebab case
model null Choose to generate a model for a specific file. For example you can use App\Models\User
indentationSpaces 4 The amount of spaces used for indentation

If you want to change the default values you can publish the config file and change it to you liking.

NOTE: Do not forget to add the directory to your typeroots in tsconfig.json

What does it do?

This package takes (almost) all off Laravel's magic into account. It follows these steps for generating a Type:

  1. Retrieve all fields from te database (only MySQL/MariaDB supported) and map them to default types (string, number, etc.)
  2. Add relations for the Model, they will point to the related generated Type
  3. Add the attribute getters for the Model
  4. Check the casts attribute
  5. Remove all fields that are in the hidden attribute

Example output

type Company = {
    id: number;
    name: string;
    created_at: string /* Date */ | null;
    updated_at: string /* Date */ | null;
    slug: string;
    welcome_message: string | null;
    contact_information: string | null;
    main_color: string | null;
    logo_src: string | null;
    user_field: any[];
    language: any[];
    team_site: any[];
    is_api_enabled: boolean;
    kaizen_user_field: string;
    faqs?: Faq[] | null;
    users?: User[] | null;
    team_properties: TeamProperty[] | null;
    editor_images: EditorImage[] | null;
    meta_data?: any[];


  • Add tests (in progress)
  • Generate types for packagized models
  • Create command to generate type for 1 model
  • Implement unqualified name for relation doc blocks


If you would like to see additions/changes to this package you are always welcome to add some code or improve it.


This product has been originally developed by Scrumble for internal use. As we have been using lots of open source packages we wanted to give back to the community. We hope this helps you getting forward as much as other people helped us!