Retries failing operations.

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Retry provides a function to retry failing operations with optional Fiber support. An operation is deemed to have failed if it throws an exception. This library is a rewrite of Igor Wiedler's retry but aims to remain faithful to the spirit of the original.



The retry function retries an operation up to the specified number of times with an optional exception handler.

If an exception handler is specified, it is called immediately before retrying the operation. If the handler returns false, the operation is not retried.

retry(int $times, callable $operation, callable $onError = null);
  • $times—Maximum number of times the operation may run.
  • $operation—Operation to run up to the specified number of times.
  • $onError—Optional. Exception handler that receives the thrown exception as its first argument.

Note in the original library, $times specifies the number of retries and therefore the operation could run up to $times + 1 times. In this version, $times specifies exactly the number of times the operation may run such that if zero (0) is specified it will not run.


The following code fragment attempts to fetch data from a URL over HTTP up to five times.

use function ScriptFUSION\Retry\retry;

$response = retry(5, function () use ($url) {
    return HttpConnector::fetch($url);