This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Symfony bundle to handle interaction with for SMS messaging

v1.1.0 2014-02-26 20:19 UTC


Symfony bundle to handle interaction with for SMS messaging



Add the following to your composer.json file in the require block:

"scribe/clockwork-bundle": "dev-master"

Issue a composer.phar update to download your new package (this command will also update any outdated packages).

To register the bundle within your application, you must add the bundle to the AppKernel.php file within the $bundles array:

new Scribe\ClockworkBundle\ScribeClockworkBundle()


Edit your symfony config.yml file and add, at a minimum, the following lines:

  api_key: your-api-key-goes-here

You may optionally configure the following items as well (show with their default values):

  api_key: your-api-key-goes-here
  allow_long_messages: false
  truncate_long_messages: true
  from_address: 'ScribeClock'
  enable_ssl: true
  invalid_character_action: replace_character
  log_activity: false


Assuming you have completed the installation and configuration, you can send a text message by requesting the scribe.clockwork service and using the send method.

$cw = $container->get('scribe.clockwork');
$message_id = $cw->send('12223334444', 'Your text message goes here');

More complex usage, including sending multiple messages, checking your balance, credit, and API key validity are also available.


Please see the LICENSE file distributed with this software.