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0.3.6 2018-04-25 17:43 UTC

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Last update: 2020-08-08 07:09:18 UTC


Telegram-Bot for videofiles download

  • Youtube (Video & mp3)
  • Twitter (Video)
  • Facebook (Video)
  • Misc. other video platforms (supported by youtube-dl)


  • php >= 5.5
  • Composer
  • MySQL-datebase
  • FFMpeg (needs to be executable by the webserver)
  • mp4box (needs to be executable by the webserver)
  • youtube-dl (needs to be executable by the webserver)
  • Webserver with valid SSL certificate (for webhook)


Get the files

Composer only

composer create-project schnoog/mediatelegram

Git & Composer

-Create the target directory and cd into it -Clone this repo git clone . -Install the composer depencies composer install

Prepare & Config

  1. Import the structure.sql delivered with telegram-bot ./vendor/longman/telegram-bot/structure.sql
  2. Import the sql-Code mentioned in FirstSteps/Database_Setup.txt ./FirstSteps/Database_Setup.txt
  3. Create and edit the config.php cp include/config.php.dist include/config.php


Manual call

Simply open the getUpdatesCLI.php php getUpdatesCLI.php or open it in you browser on your webserver getUpdatesCLI.php


Open the sethook.php with supplied secret $Config['seccode'] in your browser https://YourBotsURL/sethook.php?secret=YourSecret This will install the webhook and every new command sent to the server will be processed