This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Web-configurable forms

3.0.0 2015-07-21 21:52 UTC


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Symfony2 Stored Forms Bundle


This bundle was highly inspired by Drupal 6 CCK module mechanics. It allows to dynamically create custom web forms with highly customizable inputs without any change in the source code. The changes are only needed if the set of available field types should be extended.

Here is the attempt to reinvent the wheel on top of the Symfony2 Form components stored with Doctrine2.


The best way to install this bundle is to use composer

    composer require "scaytrase/symfony-stored-forms-bundle:~3.0"

And include the bundle into the list of application bundles

    class AppKernel extends Kernel
        public function registerBundles()
            $bundles = array(
                new Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\FrameworkBundle(),
                \\ ....
                new ScayTrase\StoredFormsBundle\StoredFormsBundle(),


The simplest way of usage is shown in the test suite

        $string = new StringField();

        $text = new TextAreaField();

        $number = new NumberField();

        $choice = new ChoiceField();
        $choice->setChoices(array('choice1', 'choice2'));

        /** @var AbstractField[] $fields */
        $fields = array($string, $text, $number, $choice);

        $builder = $this->factory->createBuilder('form');

        foreach ($fields as $field) {

Then just the populate form either with manual FormInterface::submit($data) call or via FormInterface::handleRequest($request). Each field from the form will return the AbstractValue object (see fields classes for more information). Both fields and values are ready to be stored at the database.