LMVC-Modules are easy-to-use extensions to the 'scandio/lmvc'-framework

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LMVC-Modules are easy-to-use extensions to the 'scandio/lmvc'-framework

Form module

Easily create validator classes extending the AbstractForm base class while defining validator-functions and error-messages.


Mustache module

Compiles mustache templates and provides a simple integration into LMVC's views.


Security module

Protects resources provided by controllers using custom security principals (e.g. Ldap or Json) as gateways.


Snippets module

Allows easy snippets integration in views for e.g. rendering of prepared Html-components such as tables, checkboxes, etc. Moreover, directories can be registered to load more custom snippets from various sources.


Asset pipeline module

Facilitates asset requesting, concatenation and minification of Javascript, CSS, Sass and Less sources. In addition, easily integrates into lmvc and its views.


Registration module

Allows for user registration in the application. Currently uses a database but could easily be extended to persist registrations in LDAP or maybe even config.json.


Html-tag module

Module simplifying Html-tag generation in views. Abstracts string handling and templating while being a more tailored snippet component.


Upload module

Module handling uploads of various types. Currently only supports image uploads but will hopefully contain a bigger set of types in the near future.


Session module

Module abtracting from php's session handling. It allows getting, setting, merging and replacing its values without actually touching the $_SESSION variable.