Classes, that implement chat API on top of laravel

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Adds chat functionality for your project on top of Laravel Broadcasting feature.

Laravel 5.5+

Lower versions are not supported.

Installation and configuration Install the saritasa/laravel-chat-api package:

bash $ composer require saritasa/laravel-chat-api Publish config with
bash $ artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel_chat_api Update config/laravel_chat_api.php sections:

  • Implement IChatUser contract to your application user model and update parameter userModelClass.
  • Check notifications section and add your own notification instead this mocks.

Configure at least one broadcasting driver

Work with service Add IChatService contract injection in needed class.

Methods: - Create chat

 $chatService->createChat($creator, ['name' => 'New Chat'], [1, 2]);    

Where [1, 2] - identifiers of participants of chat excluded creator.

  • Close chat
 $chatService->closeChat($creator, $chat);  

Remember that only creator can close chat and can't close "already closed" chat. In this cases ChatException will be

  • Leave chat
 $chatService->leaveChat($user, $chat);  

When creator leaves chat on of participants became to creator.

  • Send message in chat
 $chatService->sendMessage($sender, $chat, $message);  
  • Mark chat as read
 $chatService->markChatAsRead($chat, $user);  


Chat events:

Throws in chat channel for all subscribers who participate in chatting.

  • MessageSentEvent throws when participant sent new message in chat.
  • ChatLeavedEvent throws when one of participants leaved this chat.
  • ChatClosedEvent throws when creator closed this chat.

User events:

Throws in user channel for all subscribers who participate in chatting exclude event initiator.

  • ChatCreatedEvent throws when user created new chat.
  • MessageSentEvent throws when participant sent new message in chat.
  • ChatClosedUserEvent throws when creator closed this chat.
  • ChatReopenedUserEvent throws when creator reopened closed chat.

Broadcasting settings:

To integrate it with Laravel broadcasting you can just update your broadcasting routes file ( routes/channels.php by default ) with next example:

use Saritasa\LaravelChatApi\Events\ChatCreatedEvent;  
use Saritasa\LaravelChatApi\Events\ChatEvent;
use Saritasa\LaravelChatApi\Contracts\IChatUser;
// Using model binding for chat events channel.
Broadcast::channel(ChatEvent::CHANNEL_PREFIX . '{chat}', function ($user, Chat $chat) {  
  // Checking that auth user is chat participant.
  return $chat->getUsers()->pluck('id')->contains($user->id);  
Broadcast::channel(ChatCreatedEvent::CHANNEL_PREFIX . '{id}', function ($user, int $id) {  
  return (int)$user->id === $id;  

Read in official documentation about defining authorization callbacks. Now all chat events will dispatch through your broadcast driver.

Notifications settings:

To easy sent notifications you should create your own notification and update laravel_chat_api.php config file. Here is example if we should send notification when chat was reopened:

return [
	'notifications' => [  
	  'chatReopened' => App\Notifications\MyOwnChatReopenedNotification::class,


  1. Create fork
  2. Checkout fork
  3. Develop locally as usual. Code must follow PSR-1, PSR-2
  4. Update to describe new or changed functionality. Add changes description to CHANGE file.
  5. When ready, create pull request