laravel package to backup/restore files and database.

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Laravel BackupManager

Simple laravel package to backup/restore files and database.


Main Window


  • PHP >= 5.6
  • Laravel 5
  • mysql (to restore database)
  • mysqldump (to backup database)
  • tar (to backup/restore files)
  • zcat (to extract database archive)

Please make sure above binaries are added to PATH environment variable or you can specify full path to them in config file.


Via Composer

$ composer require sarfraznawaz2005/backupmanager

For Laravel < 5.5:

Add Service Provider to config/app.php in providers section:


(Optional) Add Facade to config/app.php in aliases section:

'BackupManager' => Sarfraznawaz2005\BackupManager\Facades\BackupManager::class,

Publish package's files by running below command:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Sarfraznawaz2005\BackupManager\ServiceProvider"

It should publish config/backupmanager.php.php config file and migration file.

Run php artisan migrate to create backup verifier (verifybackup)) table.

Finally setup options in config/backupmanager.php file and open the backup manager at url you have specified in route option eg http//, you should now see interface of BackupManager.

See config/backupmanager.php file for more information about backup settings.

Setting Up Automatic Backups

To setup automatic backups, place following in app/Console/Kernel.php file:


Although packages provides GUI interface to manage backups, following commands are also available:

  backupmanager:create                  Creates backup of files and/or database.
  backupmanager:list                    Shows list of backups taken.
  backupmanager:restore                 Restores a backup already taken.

Saving Backups to Other Disks

By default this package saves backups to local disk but you can use built-in feature of laravel filesystem to save backups to other disks too. Let's say you want to upload to different server for which you have ftp credentials, you need to update those ftp credentials into laravel's config/filesystems.php file under ftp disk setting. Once you have done that, in backup manager config file (config/backupmanager.php) specify your disk to be ftp instead of local eg:

// define disk options
'disk' => 'ftp',

instead of

 'disk' => 'local',

Now backup files will be saved on your ftp location instead of locally.

How Restore is verified

Even though there is no 100% way to verify restores, yet for files we create and verify restore feature by putting some contents into backup-verify file before and after restore. Similarly, we verify database restore by putting some contents into verifybackup table before and after restore. In both cases, contents of that file and database table are different at the time of backup and restore.


This package was created for our needs and works for us however no guarantee is provided in terms of its functionality especially restore feature which can not be 100% verified because of the way restore feature works. So use this package at your own risk.



Please see the license file for more information.