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This small library solves a problem where a package wants to know or report own version.

This is not a new problem, e.g. there's ocramius/package-versions, but it depends heavely on Composer, and not without an associated IO penalty.

On the contrary, this package solves the same problem but without any extra IO whatsoever. What you need is to instruct Git to expand placeholders (detailed instructions below) when adding a file with a constant to an archive of a tagged release. Then you feed this constant to the library, and there is your version.

Sure, you can't be certain people always install a package from archives. In this case you can use either abovementioned ocramius/package-versions, or use two auxillary classes this library provides to fetch version strings right from Git or from a branch alias from composer.json.


composer require sanmai/version-info

This library needs PHP 7.3 or greater. It was tested to work under PHP 7.x and 8.0.


Create a PHP class (or use existing class) with the following constant:

const VERSION_INFO = '$Format:%h%d by %an +%ae$'; // or '$Format:%h%d$'

Amend .gitattributes with a path to the file with the class with export-subst attribute:

/src/MyVersion.php     export-subst

Where you want to know your version, call a version reader:

$reader = \VersionInfo\PlaceholderVersionReader(MyVersion::VERSION_INFO);
$version = $versionReader->getVersionString();

if ($version !== null) {
    return $version;

// Fallback on other methods, or return a dummy version.
// See src/Example.php for a complete example.

That's all!


To verify that your version constant is being correctly replaced you can use git archive command, pointing it at a tag, or a branch:

git archive --format=tar v1.1 | grep --text VERSION_INFO

The constant should contain something like:

c3ff8f6 (tag: v1.1) by John Doe

Fallback readers

Apart from PlaceholderVersionReader there are GitVersionReader and ComposerBranchAliasVersionReader. See this example for details.


Any of these classes do not do their own memoization. If you need memoization and lazy loading, try Later, a deferred object manager.

use function Later\later;

$deferredVersion = later(function () {
    $reader = \VersionInfo\PlaceholderVersionReader(MyVersion::VERSION_INFO);
    yield $version = $versionReader->getVersionString();

// And at some later point...
$deferredVersion->get(); // returns memoized version string, computing it on the spot, as needed


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.