Flexible JSON Serializer

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This library is a thin wrapper around jms/serializer.

The purpose of this library is to make simpler deserialization/serialization of objects and, specifically, of arrays of objects, and scalar values. All you need is to follow a simple protocol.


JMS Serializer supports deserializing arrays out of the box, but it is ever so slightly complicated since a user must specify a type in a full form, as in array<T>, all the while returned deserialized value will be a plain array. This library abstracts away this extra complexity by providing a two-method protocol instead.

For example, deserialising this object:

use JSONSerializer\Contracts\ItemList;

class ItemListExample implements ItemList
    /** @var ItemExample[] */
    public $items = [];

    public static function getListType(): string
        return ItemExample::class;

    public static function withList(array $list)
        $itemList = new self();
        $itemList->items = $list;

        return $itemList;

From a JSON array:

    {"name": "foo"},
    {"name": "bar"}

With an all-familiar method:

use JSONSerializer\Serializer;

$serializer = new Serializer();

$result = $serializer->deserialize($json, ItemListExample::class);

Will leave an instance of ItemListExample in $result with $result->items filled with two items as in the source array.


There's a similar convenience interface called ScalarValue to aid with unserializing wrapped primitive scalar values.

use JSONSerializer\Contracts\ScalarValue;

class ScalarValueExample implements ScalarValue
    /** @var int */
    public $value;

    public static function withValue($value)
        $item = new self();
        $item->value = $value;

        return $item;

    public static function getType(): string
        return 'int';