8 Division, 64 District, 491 Thana and 2350 Union fully mapped laravel package.

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8 Division, 64 District, 491 Thana and 4541 Union fully mapped laravel package. Easy to install & config. All data is accessible from database using laravel eloquent ORM.

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In order to install Bdgeocode, just run this command in your project:

composer require sandofvega/bdgeocode


  1. Publish models and migration file:
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Sandofvega\Bdgeocode\BdgeocodeServiceProvider"
  1. Run artisan migrate command:
php artisan migrate

After the migration, four new tables will be present:

  • divisions
  • districts
  • thanas
  • unions
  1. Add Bdgeocode's seeder class to database/seeds/DatabaseSeeder.php:
use Sandofvega\Bdgeocode\Seeds\BdgeocodeSeeder;

class DatabaseSeeder extends Seeder
    public function run()

Now you are ready. When you run the seed command (e.g. db:seed or migrate:fresh --seed) the Bdgeocode's data will be inserted into your database.


You can get all data by using those models. E.g:

use App\District;

$districts = District::all();

There are relations bitween models. E. g:

use App\District;

$district = District::first(); // A district

$division = $district->division // Division for a district

$thanas = $district->thanas // All thana in a district
  • Note: There is one division for a district so the relation name is division(singular), not divisions. And there are many thanas in a district so the relation name is thanas(plural), not thana. You must follow this rule to call every relation.


Laravel Bangladesh Geocode is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

Contribution guidelines

We follow PSR-2 and PSR-4 PHP coding standards and Semantic Versioning.

Please report any issue you find. And pull requests are welcome.


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