Packages from samy

  • samy/captcha

    This is a lean, consistent, and simple way to access Captcha.

  • samy/crud

    Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) are the four basic functions that models should be able to do, at most.

  • samy/database

    This is a lean, consistent, and simple way to access databases.

  • samy/dataprovider

    PHP DataProvider.

  • samy/datatables

    This is a simple way to interact with DataTables server-side processing.

  • samy/dataversion

    PHP Database Migrations and Seeds

  • samy/dummy

    Random data generator.

  • samy/email

    This is a simple way to interact with email protocols.

  • samy/environment

    This library lets your application load virtual environment configuration from environment variables or any other environment configuration.

  • samy/image

    Image Processing and Generation.

  • samy/log

    This is a simple way to collects and crash report everything happening in the application.

  • samy/mddocs

    Build optimized static websites quickly, focus on your content.

  • samy/paraphrase

    A paraphrase is a restatement of the meaning of a text or passage using other words.

  • samy/phpunit

    PHPUnit Extension.

  • samy/psr

    Moving PHP forward through collaboration and standards.

  • samy/restapi

    REST is an acronym for REpresentational State Transfer and an architectural style for distributed hypermedia systems.

  • samy/select2

    This is a simple way to interact with Select2 server-side processing.

  • samy/translate

    Try the Translate API for a simple and affordable programmatic interface using Neural Machine Translation to translate web content.

  • samy/validation

    Useful Guards and Fail Fast concepts.

  • samy/curl


  • samy/google-api


  • samy/hcaptcha

    Abandoned! See samy/captcha

  • samy/mysql

    Abandoned! See samy/database

  • samy/webclient