A simple class for drawing pie charts with ImageMagick or GD in PHP.

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A reasonably efficient* class for drawing pie charts with ImageMagick or GD in PHP. Intended as a learning exercise for using the NetBeans IDE and the Xdebug profiler and debugger. The code is available under the GNU GPL v3.0, so feel free to use it with attribution. I recommend using the Imagick version, PieChartImagick over the GD version, PieChartGD.


Below is the code required to generate a pie chart and echo it to the client's browser. The example uses the method outputPNG() to tell the browser to render the image. Alternatively, the function forceDownloadPNG() can be used to instruct the browser to bring up the save dialog.


View the documentation (generated with ApiGen).


Use Composer!

Example Usage
require 'vendor/autoload.php';  // Composer's autoloader.
use SamChristy\PieChart\PieChartGD;

$chart = new PieChartGD(600, 375);

$chart->setTitle('Browser Usage Statistics (January - April)');
// Method chaining coming soon!
$chart->addSlice('Google Chrome',   27, '#4A7EBB');
$chart->addSlice('Mozilla Firefox', 23, '#DA8137');
$chart->addSlice('Apple Safari',    11, '#9BBB59');
$chart->addSlice('Opera',            3, '#BE4B48');
$chart->addSlice('Other',            5, '#7D60A0');


Pie Chart

*This example took 150ms to execute on my laptop (i3-350M @ 2.27 GHz).

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