Module for SilverStripe allowing Data Objects to be hooked into WYSIWYG link editor.

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Maintainer Contact

  • Sam Costigan <sam (at) stripetheweb (dot) com>


Add your custom Data Objects to the HTML Editor Field link functionality, with a Dropdown field that is populated by relevant results as the user searches.


  • SilverStripe 3.0 or newer


To set up a DataObject to be linkable, first it needs to implement the Linkable interface. There are two requirements for a Linkable DataObject:

  • a Link() function which will return a relevant URL to display the Data Object.
  • a LinkTitle() function which will return a title string to display when searching for Data Objects.

The Link() function will need to return a relevant URL so that the Data Object will be displayed. For more information on how to do this, see

When searching for DataObjects, the $searchable_fields array will be used to decide which fields are searched.

Example setup

class Test extends DataObject implements Linkable {
	private static $db = array(
		'Name' => 'Text',
		'Author' => 'Varchar(150)'

	public static $searchable_fields = array(

	public function Link() {
		return $this->ID;

	public function LinkTitle() {
		return $this->Name . ' - ' . $this->Author;

Once the DataObject has been set up to properly implement the Linkable interface, you need to add the following line to your mysite/_config.php file:


Your DataObject will then be added to the HTML Editor Field links section.


Feel free to make this module better by submitting feedback, changes, suggestions etc!