A simple, no-cruft library that includes the state by state tax rates used by I'm In It app.

v1.0.2 2018-10-21 00:00 UTC

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A light-weight, no-cruft PHP library that includes lottery tax rates for use in the I'm In It app service. The main purpose is to open source the tax rates used by I'm In It app but you may use this wherever it may help you out.

These tax rates update frequently and we're not always on top of them. Pull requests are always welcome as long as they include a source for the information!

They also only include states where the mega lotteries are currently in play. If you need this library for something else that also requires the other states, cut a PR!

Use in your project

Feel free to use this library in your project, fork it, PR back, etc.

composer require salernolabs/php-us-tax-rates