Mandrill Official API Wrapper for Laravel 4

1.0.4 2014-08-07 07:21 UTC

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Installation :

  1. Install the package via composer

  2. Add the following entry to the array of service providers found in app/config/app.php : 'Sairiz\Mandrill\MandrillServiceProvider',

  3. Publish the config file to your app/config/ directory by running the following from command line in your project root : php artisan config:publish sairiz/mandrill

  4. Setup your api key at app/config/packages/sairiz/mandrill/config.php


Call any method using Facade alias (Email)

Example :

$message = array(
    'subject' => 'Your subject here',
    'html' => '<html><body>Your email body</body></html>',
    'from_email' => '',
    'to' => array(array('email'=>''))

$response = Email::messages()->send($message);

The first method is the call category while the chain method is the method within that category

Refer to the official documentation for full method at