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Identify the Meta info about the Apple .ipa file easily without extra efforts


composer require saiashirwadinformatia/ipa-parser


use SaiAshirwadInformatia\Services\IPAParser;

$path = __DIR__ . 'example.ipa';
$ipa = IPAParser::load($path);

echo $ipa->name;        // Name of App
echo $ipa->identifier;  // Bundle Identifier of App
echo $ipa->versionName; // Vesion Name of App
echo $ipa->versionCode; // Vesion Code of App
echo $ipa->primaryIcon; // Primary Icon File Contents of App

var_dump($ipa->info);   // Prints detailed plist info
var_dump($ipa->info->build); // Prints build detail info
var_dump($ipa->info->permissions); // Prints build detail info
var_dump($ipa->info->orientations); // Prints build detail info
var_dump($ipa->icons);  // Prints detailed icons
var_dump($ipa->icons->iphone); // Get all iPhone icons


  1. Fork this project
  2. Clone your repository
  3. Create new branch of bug-fixes/new-features


composer install

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