Library for reading and writing Apple's CFPropertyList (plist) files in XML as well as binary format.

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The PHP implementation of Apple's PropertyList can handle both XML and binary PropertyLists. It offers functionality to easily convert data between worlds, e.g. recalculating timestamps from unix epoch to apple epoch and vice versa. A feature to automagically create (guess) the plist structure from a normal PHP data structure will help you dump your data to plist in no time.

CFPropertyList does not rely on any "Apple proprietary" components, like plutil. CFPropertyList runs on any Operating System with PHP and some standard extensions installed.

Although you might want to deliver data to your iPhone application, you might want to run those server side services on your standard Linux (or even Windows) environment, rather than buying an expensive Apple Server. With CFPropertyList you now have the power to provide data from your favorite Operating System.

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