Scaffold Livewire Components, migrations, factory and crud in one command based on database tables

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A livewire CRUD Generation package to help scaffold basic site files. Package is autoloaded as per PSR-4 autoloading in any laravel version ^5.6 so no extra config required. However is has been tested on version ^7 & ^8. It uses auth middleware thus installs laravel/ui just incase you don't have any other auth mechanism, this does not mean you have to use laravel/ui.


More detailed documentation can ne found at livewire-crud


You can install the package via Composer:

composer require sagor110090/livewire-crud


After running composer require sagor110090/livewire-crud command just run:

php artisan crud:install

**This command will perfom below actions:

* Compile css/js based on `bootstrap and fontawesome/free`.
* Run `npm install && run dev`
* Flush *node_modules* files from you folder.

If you choose to scaffold authentication this command will run php artisan ui:auth to generate Auth scaffolds using laravel/ui package. You can skip this step if your app has authentication already.

Then generate Crud by:

php artisan crud:generate {table-name}

**This command will generate:

* Livewire Component.
* Model.
* Views.    
* Factory.

**Remember to customise your genertaed factories and migrations if you need to use them later


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.